Vancouver Participatory Economics Collective

Welcome to the homepage of the Vancouver Parecon Collective! Our purpose is to advocate, research and implement parecon institutions, values and procedures in Vancouver, the surrounding lower mainland and elswhere throught Canada. We do this through workshops, information sharing and activism. We are committed to supporting struggles against classism, racism, sexism, war, corporate greed, environmental destruction, and all other institutional horrors we face today.

"A great many activists and concerned people ask, quite rightly, what alternative form of social organization can be imagined that might overcome the grave flaws -- often real crimes -- of contemporary society in more far-reaching ways than short-term reform. Parecon is the most serious effort I know to provide a very detailed possible answer to some of these questions, crucial ones, based on serious thought and careful analysis."
-- Noam Chomsky

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Our Collective

We organize workshops and educational events as well as participate in many other groups and activities. We are always looking for new folks who would like to participate. Drop us an e-mail to get involved.

Currently we are:
Marla Marie
Dave Markland
Greg Dean
Haroon Bajwa
Bryan Berndt
Matt Grinder
Dave Collins
Chris Spannos
Jamie Campbell


Chris produces a current affairs radio program with the Redeye Collective, heard on Vancouver Co-op Radio, CFRO. He works in the down town east side of Vancouver on a 'Dual Diagnosis' Outreach Team and also volunteers at Vancouver's Pacific Cinematheque. Check out Chris's blog on ZNet. Send Chris an e-mail.

Bryan currently works for an aspiring Organic Food Co-Op full time, and supplements this with a steady dose of IT related services. He is a member of Vanlug and has become an advocate of the "Open Source" -- "Copy Left" movement. He sees institutional and systemic thinking as one of the best ways to address root causes to social-health maladies. He supports Participatory Economics/Polity because of it's potential for taking out a diverse array of injustices and inequities with a few nicely arranged strokes. To learn more about Bryan's diverse interests, click here.

Matt is a student teacher in physics in math working through his bachelor of education at UBC. He recently got his Master's in physics, but dropped out of graduate work to pursue teaching, nobody's sure why. Matt has a checkered history in activism and likes to play chess, argue, write philosophy, read to escape, and spend time with his life partner. Check out Matt's Parecon Star Trek Webpage! A fun read for some people.

Jamie brings a cornucopia of minorities to the group. He's a gay, vegan,copyleftist, transhumanist cyborg (or cyborg "wannabe"). His odd viewpoints, such as "don't be a pirate -- it only serves to give free advertising to the All-Rights-Reserved crowd", provide an outside-the-box (or country, or planet) perspective to the group. He hosts the vanpar forums and is currently also a member of two other collectives : Mondragon ( and ParIT (

Marla Marie's bio comming soon...

Dave Markland's bio comming soon...

Haroon Bajwa's bio comming soon...

Greg Dean's bio comming soon...